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About The Division

The Division of Research and Technology, headed by Dr. Eric Saunders - Assistant Commissioner, is one of five divisions of the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE). The division provides an entire set of tools and applications targeted towards different stakeholders such as Educators, Policy Makers, State and Federal Governmental Agencies, and Researchers. All applications are based on the most modern computer programming languages; business intelligence tools; high-end servers and database architecture involving virtualization and, most importantly are web-driven, and easily accessible through the ADE Data Center. The division is comprised of four (4) units namely Information Systems - led by Arijit Sarkar, Director of Information Systems & CIO; Technology Initiatives & Resources - led by Ray Girdler, Director of Data Use & Privacy; Data Reporting - led by Linda Jenkins and APSCN - led by Carmen Jordan, ADE Assistant Director of APSCN Student Applications and Kathleen Crain, ADE Assistant Director of APSCN Finance Applications.

Our Location

Arkansas Department of Education
Division of Research and Technology
5 Main Place
423 Main Street, Suite # 101
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-371-5005
Fax: 501-371-5010

Meet the Staff

Data Reporting

  • Connie Alford Connie Alford Software Support Analyst
  • Linda Jenkins Linda Jenkins Information Systems Manager
  • Mary Wilcox Mary Wilcox Information Systems Business Analyst
  • Shirley Green Shirley Green Computer Support Technician
  • Titus Lindsay Titus Lindsay Data Specialist

Information Systems

  • Ann Wirth Ann Wirth Administrative Specialist III
  • Arijit Sarkar Arijit Sarkar Director, Information Systems & CIO
  • Chris Abbott Chris Abbott Senior Software Support Analyst
  • Chris Berry Chris Berry Network & Systems Administrator
  • Fangyu Shang Fangyu Shang Business Analyst (Intern)
  • Jamaal Gaines Jamaal Gaines ADE State Systems Administrator
  • Michael Gates Michael Gates Software Engineer Lead
  • Monte Harrison Monte Harrison ADE State Systems Administrator
  • Reshmi Jose Reshmi Jose ADE Special Advisor
  • Rionel Tee Rionel Tee Software (UI/UX) Developer
  • Rufus Hardin Rufus Hardin Help Desk Specialist
  • Ryan Summers Ryan Summers Network and Systems Administrator
  • Vishnu Pillai Vishnu Pillai Software Developer
  • William D. Davis William D. Davis Information Systems Business Analyst

Research & Technology

  • Eric Saunders Eric Saunders ADE Assistant Commissioner of Research and Technology
  • Linda Carter Linda Carter Administrative Analyst

Technology Initiatives & Resources

  • Angel Peugh Angel Peugh ADE State Systems Administrator
  • Belinda Kittrell Belinda Kittrell Public School Program Coordinator
  • Bobby Downum Bobby Downum ADE State Network Engineer
  • Cindy Wilkinson Cindy Wilkinson ADE APSCN Field Analyst
  • Daniel Collier Daniel Collier Technology Projects Coordinator
  • Felecia Parker Felecia Parker Administrative Specialist III
  • Jeff Killingsworth Jeff Killingsworth Coordinator of Grants & Special Projects
  • Ray Girdler Ray Girdler Director of Data Use & Privacy
  • Shashank Avvaru Shashank Avvaru Data Analyst

Arkansas Public School Computer Network

  • Aaron Hughes Aaron Hughes APSCN Field Analyst
  • Amy Barden Amy Barden APSCN Applications Manager
  • Angalique Cartier Angalique Cartier APSCN Field Analyst
  • Angela Rouse Angela Rouse Information Systems Business Analyst
  • Bonita Flint Bonita Flint APSCN Field Analyst
  • Carmen Jordan Carmen Jordan ADE Assistant Director of APSCN Student Applications
  • Carolyn Gunn Carolyn Gunn APSCN Field Analyst
  • Charlotte Nichols Charlotte Nichols Data Warehouse Specialist
  • Chere Turner Chere Turner APSCN Field Analyst
  • Clara Knox Clara Knox ADE Assistant to Director
  • Jason Goza Jason Goza APSCN Field Analyst
  • Jennifer Barrett Jennifer Barrett APSCN Field Analyst
  • Jessica Bowman Jessica Bowman Student Applications Specialist
  • Jill Johnson Jill Johnson ADE APSCN Division Manager
  • Joe Rapert Joe Rapert Data Warehouse Specialist
  • Kathleen Crain Kathleen Crain ADE Assistant Director of APSCN Financial Applications
  • Kimberly Dupens Kimberly Dupens APSCN Field Analyst
  • La'Tasha Ursery La'Tasha Ursery APSCN Field Analyst
  • Lynda Burt Lynda Burt Information Systems Business Analyst
  • Malissa Crawford Malissa Crawford APSCN Field Analyst
  • Martha Johnson Martha Johnson APSCN Field Analyst
  • Mary Heginger Mary Heginger APSCN Field Analyst
  • Melissa Young Melissa Young APSCN Field Analyst
  • Melvin Washington Melvin Washington Computer Support Specialist
  • Monica Stovall Monica Stovall Student Applications Specialist
  • Nona Comer Nona Comer APSCN Division Manager
  • Pamela Rhoads Pamela Rhoads APSCN Field Analyst
  • Patty Ellis Patty Ellis APSCN Field Analyst
  • Randi Simmons Randi Simmons APSCN Field Analyst
  • Regina Foster Regina Foster APSCN Applications Manager
  • Robin Douglas Robin Douglas APSCN Field Analyst
  • Sherry Lipe Sherry Lipe APSCN Field Analyst
  • Tiffany Hollomon Tiffany Hollomon APSCN Field Analyst
  • Tina Kennedy Tina Kennedy Administrative Specialist III
  • Zach Cremer Zach Cremer APSCN Field Analyst

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