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ADE Data Center

The ADE Data Center is a collection of data systems; data tools and reports for educators, policy makers, teachers, parents, school districts, and anyone interested in official data from the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE). This site is maintained by the ADE Division of Research & Technology, and most data is provided by Arkansas public school districts.

Newsroom: What's New?

Posted on: 3/1/2016
2016-2017 Statewide Information System (SIS) Handbook Published on ADE Data Center
The 2016-2017 Statewide Information System (SIS) Handbook has been published on the ADE Data Center website. Read more

ADE Enterprise Data SystemADE Enterprise Data System
ADE SIS Information System ArchitectureADE SIS Information System Architecture
ADE Core Data SystemsADE Core Data Systems
Statewide Information SystemStatewide Information System
ADE State Data WarehouseADE State Data Warehouse
Arkansas StudentGPS DashboardsArkansas StudentGPS Dashboards
Standards Annual Accreditation SystemStandards Annual Accreditation System
Arkansas Educator Licensure SystemArkansas Educator Licensure System
LEA Management SystemLEA Management System
Agile IT InfrastructureAgile IT Infrastructure